About Us

edg is a leading supplier of hand-held computing and mobile workforce solutions in the UK and Ireland. We continue to develop and implement the most effective solutions to help our clients maximise the return on their investment.

Working with some of the world leaders in mobile solutions for more than 30 years, we’ve gained expertise that’s unique in the application of hand-held computing. Today, over 11,000 hand-held computers using edg software are deployed throughout the UK and Ireland.

  • Our resources

    At edg, we know it’s important to invest in recruiting and retaining talented and motivated staff. Our strategic investment in innovative design helps us remain at the forefront of technological advances.

    We employ 44 staff in the UK and Ireland, covering consultancy, marketing, product development and pre and post sales support. Our project management teams work closely alongside our customers, adapting to their changing demands and implementing new solutions to benefit their business.

    We also have a dedicated team to provide a repair and maintenance service for hand-held computers and printers.

  • Our history

    edg began life as Eastern Data Processing, developing and marketing automated doorstep delivery and managed systems for dairies. Roundmaster, Fieldmaster and Opal became the standard for the UK dairy industry. In recent years, LoanMaster was developed to automate doorstep collection of cash for debt or home purchase settlement.

    In 2002, we acquired Portable Software Solutions (PSS) in Dublin. PSS had developed their own hand-held systems, primarily for the FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) markets. Investment in these systems created a new Microsoft focused product range called Mobilise, which is now widely used throughout the UK and Ireland.

    In 2009, we took the strategic decision to integrate all our products to develop our software. This modular approach provides a toolkit for handling data with mobile hand-held computing devices over a wide range of platforms.

Call us on +44 (0)1245 380009 or email us on info@easterndata.co.uk to talk to us about how your business can benefit by moving from a paper-based system to real time electronic mobile operations, or by upgrading your current system.