Company History

EDG began life as Eastern Data Processing, developing and marketing automated doorstep delivery and managed systems for dairies after which, Roundmaster, Fieldmaster and Opal became the standard for the UK dairy industry.

  • 2002Acquired Portable Software Solutions

    EDP acquired Portable Software Solutions (PSS) in Dublin. PSS had developed its own range of hand-held solutions, focussed primarily on the FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) market. Significant R&D investment in the core PSS solution has resulted in what is now EDG's Mobilise solution, which is widely employed throughout the UK and Ireland.
  • 2004Renamed To Eastern Data Group

    The company was renamed to Eastern Data Group to reflect the fact that the business now had offices in 3 locations: Essex UK, Milton Keynes UK and Dublin IRL.
  • 2009Integration Of Products

    EDG made the strategic decision to integrate all of its products in order to develop our software. This modular approach provided a toolkit for handling data with mobile hand-held computing devices over a wide range of platforms.
  • 2016Saas Solution Supplier

    EDG changed its solution delivery model to become a SaaS solutions supplier, simplifying its billing model and providing a greater degree of commercial clarity, flexibility, and cost certainty to its expanding customer base.
  • 2017Support for Android Platform

    EDG introduced Android platform support for its popular Mobilise solution suite, significantly enhancing the choice and price point range available to its customers in their device selection process.

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