Medina Dairy expansion defies the credit crunch

In June Medina Dairy Limited (MDL) completed their acquisition of 12 milk delivery depots from Dairy Crest. Within days they had also rescued several Dairy Farmers of Britain (DFoB) sites following the collapse of the UK Farming Group. This prompt action has secured the employment of many ex-DFoB employees and continued the delivery to 1,000+ food outlets.

As part of the acquisition from Dairy Crest and the rescue of DFoB, Andy French, edg Managing Director and Nick Curties, edg Systems’ Support Manager worked alongside Terry Ziton, Medina Director, to ensure a secure transition of data and systems. The edg Depos and RBook solutions were deployed into all sites and ensure that a consistent solution manages the business units. edg’s FieldMaster and RoundMaster hand-held computer solutions (now sold under the brand Advantedg) are used to manage the semi-retail and doorstep customer base. edg sourced the servers, which are hosted and managed at their Essex Head Office, reducing the timescale and ensuring that these devices are managed remotely. The edg software solutions include features such as:

More efficient customer service
The customer receives an accurate delivery note or invoice at the point of sale. As the customer becomes satisfied that all deliveries are accounted for correctly they become more receptive to the roundsman’s selling.

Total stock control throughout the van sales operation
All stock issued to the vehicle is automatically logged by either the depot software or the hand-held computers.

Reduced losses
The audit trail details the stock position at the end of the day. It shows the load at the start of the day, the issues made, returns collected and the stock that should be returned to the depot. This report is available by the time the vehicle has returned to the depot. Therefore the stock manager uses this report to check stock back from the vehicle and can pinpoint stock discrepancies.

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