A more rugged device can save you time and money

When a device leaves the office it can be exposed to dust, water and other potentially destructive elements such as shock, temperature extremes and vibration. Businesses that purchase rugged handheld computers will possess the right tool for outdoor environments. It is tempting to base buying decisions solely on a product’s purchase price, but, while not as obvious, the product’s total cost of ownership may prove to be a more important consideration.

In summary, businesses deciding which handheld computer to purchase face a high stakes buying decision: is it more cost-effective to buy a consumer-grade handheld for less money upfront? Alternatively, is it wiser to pay more money initially to purchase a more durable rugged handheld device?

What do you get for the money?

  • Greater reliability- Rugged devices ensure fully functioning equipment for many years. Indirect costs related to downtime are significantly lower than that of the consumer-grade devices
  • Higher performance – A longer battery life than a consumer-grade device ensuring full productivity for an 8 hour shift
  • Long term security – The stable life cycle of a rugged device means you can plan ahead with confidence as you won’t be facing the maintenance and support issues that come with a mixed population of devices.
  • Repair and not replace – One of our customers has been using their rugged devices for over ten years which is maintained / repaired in our dedicated repair facility.

Total Cost of Ownership

  • Two years after deployment, 35% of consumer devices had been replaced compared to only 2% of rugged devices
  • Three years after deployment the percentage of consumer grade devices still in use is only around 20%. After the same period, over 75% of rugged devices are still in use.
  • The annual downtime suffered by users of consumer grade devices is almost double that of users of rugged devices.

Source: VDC Research Group

Mobile handheld devices are designed to increase productivity. The ability to do work on the move and in the field presents the opportunity for enhanced speed and accuracy. These advantages are lost, however, when devices breakdown, need repeated service or must be replaced. Therefore, for businesses concerned with obtaining the greatest productivity over the long term, rugged handheld computers are the clear and convincing choice.

edg are completely hardware agnostic, meaning that we only supply branded equipment from reputable manufacturers that best suit our customer’s business environment and needs. To find out more about rugged devices that suit your business, contact edg.

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