Unlock the data in your fleet

Have you ever seen your fleet as a source of business intelligence? Eastern Data’s new web-based vehicle tracking solution not only helps you save on your annual fuel bill (as much as £1,500 for an HGV covering 40,000 miles a year) and shrink your carbon footprint. It will also give you vital insight into your drivers’ timings and behaviours, enhance your health & safety and duty of care responsibilities to them and help you to improve customer service.

Armed with this information, you can monitor fuel usage, identify harsh breaking and acceleration, reduce engine idling time, spot the difference between private and business usage, cross-check fuel receipts and timesheets, help your drivers to manage their hours on the road and reduce overtime, always know the location of your vehicles (thanks to UK aerial photography and European street level mapping), keep your customers up to date with drivers’ arrival times and know the minute a vehicle returns home or reaches the depot.

Your business will run more efficiently, and you’ll make bottom-line savings from day one.

Case study 1: When a builders’ merchant implemented the solution, it slashed weekly idling times that could run to two or three hours per vehicle, saving a gallon of fuel for each idle hour.
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Case study 2: A transport company used the solution to show a commercial vehicle manufacturer that by recalibrating the throttle slightly, its vehicles’ fuel consumption could be improved by 0.5 MPG – generating immediate savings from vehicles doing more than 75,000 miles per year.
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Case study 3: A telecommunications company is using the solution to boost its customer service by telling customers the estimated arrival times of its engineers when they are stuck in traffic.
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From as little as £25 per vehicle, per month, our special introductory offer can help you exploit a new layer of business knowledge immediately. Call us on 01245 380009 for more information.

Call us on +44 (0)1245 380009 or email us on info@easterndata.co.uk to talk to us about how your business can benefit by moving from a paper-based system to real time electronic mobile operations, or by upgrading your current system.