EDG is pleased to announce a new partnership

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EDG Advantedg software now allows for the modular upgrade and integration of Co-Pilot Satellite Navigation technology.

EDG’s Advantedg software can now be used by the driver to navigate to each individual delivery or collection point loaded onto the device. Advantedg can be used to force a specific route to a driver or can allow the driver to select their next delivery point. Advantedg and Co-Pilot seamlessly integrate meaning the quickest and most efficient routes are at the driver’s fingertips.

Advantedg ‘s features provide peace of mind for delivery schedule planners as they can monitor drivers to ensure that they are sticking to the most cost and time effective routes. Advantedg monitors the driver’s journey and as soon as the route has been calculated it is easily able to determine whether the vehicle has deviated from the set route, sending data concerning location and speed back in real-time for analysis.

This enhancement to the Advantedg software allows for the measurement of fuel savings, reduction in late deliveries, increased customer satisfaction and enables the full visibility of fleet.

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