An All-In-One Sales Capture Tool

Our Mobilise solution allows users to electronically and rapidly transact a sales order efficiently and with 100% accuracy, with the transaction followed immediately by real-time visibility across the business. All sales and order data can be polled and processed on demand according to the specific requirements of your business and its processes.

Retain all of your critical customer data in a single electronic repository, with such data ranging from sales trends to invoices and customer contact information to historical transactions.

Our solution reflects business performance clearly and accurately to your sales and finance workforce providing a broad range of information from warehouse stock levels to invoicing statuses.

Our Sales Order Capture solution includes the following benefits:

  • Scheduled call cycle
  • Speculative sales; sale and return, shelf management, batch traceability and catch weight
  • Barcode scanning support for faster more accurate data entry
  • Digital point of delivery/sales invoice
  • Enforcement of contractual agreements
  • Historical transaction information
  • Customer contact information
  • Call history
  • Price overrides
  • Delivery lead time management
  • Product promotions
  • Product portfolio management
  • Standing order management
  • Suggested orders
  • Sales trends
  • Financial management; customer specific pricing, credit notes, invoicing and discount management
  • Audited monies collection
  • Automated transfer to backend systems and 3rd party logistic companies
  • Visibility of warehouse stock levels
  • Promotional material ordering

Sales Order Capture Problems You May Have:

  • Inaccuracy in orders; delivery dates, incorrect prices, ordering out of stock products/unable to fulfil (short manufacturing time)
  • Lack of visibility of warehouse stock levels
  • Poor delivery management
  • Time wasted trying to locate specific data
  • Poor financial management
  • Poor carbon footprint
  • Inefficient work practices
  • Poor batch traceability
  • Absence or dearth of sales trend data

EDG's Sales Order Solution Gets Your Systems Working Together

Our Sales Order Capture solution can fully integrate with your office systems and provides an effective solution to each of the challenges listed above by increasing your speed of invoicing, reducing customer queries, speeding up customer payment and creating a quicker lead time to cash.

This product delivers a wide array of useful sales functionalities, including customer-specific delivery dates, product-specific delivery dates, split order capabilities to fulfil early part shipments, customer- /group-specific pricing information and the assurance that only products that can be fulfilled can be ordered.

Our sales solution not only reduces costs by ensuring no additional admin staff are required to fulfil orders but it also helps to lower your carbon footprint by reducing paper usage.

Invoices can be created at point of sale which means a shorter lead time to resolve customer queries and better customer services all-round. Plus, all transaction documentation is saved electronically and automatically, which can be retrieved in seconds through our configurable reporting interface.

Mobilise your Workforce

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