Case Study: Imperial Tobacco

Customer overview

Imperial Tobacco is one of the world’s largest producers of high quality tobacco products. With over 100 years’ experience, the company is worth over £7bn, operates in 160 countries and has over 35,000 employees. With headquarters in Bristol, it produces, processes and sells cigarettes and other quality tobacco products to a global market.

The challenge

Imperial Tobacco operates with a large sales team working remotely from their regional offices in the UK. Considering the limitations in communication that can affect the process of working remotely, Imperial Tobacco wanted to provide the team with a means of real-time data communication within the central office hub. Imperial Tobacco sought to invest in the latest mobile computing technology to aid their sales team. As part of this investment, Imperial Tobacco evaluated a short list of both tablet computers and rugged mobile printers required to aid this remote set-up. The criteria for both the computers and the printers were: to be reliable, have a high enough specification to cope with the demands of the business and neither fail nor hinder the users.

The software

The tablet computers were sourced by Imperial Tobacco’s IT Department. However, as Eastern Data Group (EDG) had provided a good level of service and support previously, we were selected again to assist with the search, selection and procurement of suitable printers according to these requirements. Imperial Tobacco evaluated our suggestions for the mobile printers, before settling on the FieldPro RT43 model from Printek.

As Imperial Tobacco had previously benefitted from EDG’s first class repair service, the decision was made for EDG’s authorised Repair Centre to be responsible for all aspects of the remote communications service going forwards, including the maintenance of all the newly acquired printers.

This has been extremely beneficial to Imperial Tobacco as they can totally rely on EDG’s service, offering technical reassurance, but also, the company now has just one point of call for all matters relating to the printers, saving on time and money.

The outcome

Over 300 printers have now been deployed to aid Imperial Tobacco’s sales team and subsequently, Imperial Tobacco enjoys a prompt and efficient service from all at EDG, whether relating to procurement or service and repair.