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New appointment for EDG

01 Sep 2013

The Eastern Data Group is pleased to announce a new addition to the Projects team in the form of apprentice Dan Agombar. Dan has been appointed as a Support Analyst and will be working with Richard Sinclair’s team to support …


EDG is pleased to announce a new partnership

04 Dec 2012

EDG Advantedg software now allows for the modular upgrade and integration of Co-Pilot Satellite Navigation technology. EDG’s Advantedg software can now be used by the driver to navigate to each individual delivery or collection point loaded onto the device. Advantedg …


Is your reporting strategy a fraud risk?

24 Nov 2011

When it comes to security, it’s easy to focus on the high profile threats – particularly cyber crime and data theft. But you should also be monitoring other aspects of your business communication strategy for signs that might indicate security …


Cloud computing promises blue skies

03 Oct 2011

Scratch the latest revolutionary IT concept and you’ll usually find that underneath all the hype, there’s something familiar going on. That’s certainly true of cloud computing – the reinvention of client/server technology for the 21st century. Cloud computing is all …


Unlock the data in your fleet

20 Aug 2011

Have you ever seen your fleet as a source of business intelligence? Eastern Data’s new web-based vehicle tracking solution not only helps you save on your annual fuel bill (as much as £1,500 for an HGV covering 40,000 miles a …