A Smarter Way To Track Your Assets

Asset tracking today is more than counting pieces of equipment and logging those numbers into a ledger or electronic spreadsheet. Today, businesses understand the importance of knowing an asset’s value over its life cycle, helping companies to save money spent per asset and to get the most value out of each asset.

Managing and locating assets is a key challenge for almost all businesses, both large and small. Employees can spend time searching for critical equipment which can lead to costly delays, missed deadlines, wasted labour and potentially unhappy customers.

Our Asset Tracking solution includes the following benefits:

  • Enforces accountability for company property
  • Lowers amount of assets required (e.g. trolleys)
  • Customer asset balance management
  • RFID tagging
  • Asset tracking reports
  • Auditing and inventory history
  • Task lists for specific dates and times
  • Record damage made to your assets
  • Data export to file formats including excel
  • Record asset condition and status
  • Data on handheld secure and password protected
  • Barcode scanning
  • Notification of missing assets
  • Asset check in, check out and transfer ability
  • Track a variety of assets depending on your requirements
  • Assign your assets with an unique identification number

Asset Tracking Problems You May Have:

  • Business impact of running out of assets
  • Having to replace stolen and lost assets with no accountability
  • Not knowing what stock you have
  • Over or under maintenance
  • Improper risk management
  • Cost of replacement
  • Expensive recovery due to no knowledge of asset locations

Managing Assets Efficiently

Our Asset Tracking solution works by managing assets efficiently. It helps businesses to cut costs by retrieving assets, rather than blindly buying new ones. It also ensures the business doesn’t run out of assets by providing efficient tracking and tracing, as well as recording the asset status and condition.

The platform we provide knows where assets can be retrieved from, ensuring clear visibility amongst workers and a minimised risk of running out of assets. This solution also holds the customer responsible for assets they have received, so there is no unnecessary cost of replacement due to lack of accountability. Nor is there any expensive recovery due to deficiency of the asset location.

Mobilise your Workforce

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