Manage Delivery Operations With Ease

Timely and accurate deliveries are crucial in ensuring optimal customer satisfaction. At EDG, our ePOD solution helps to ensure your goods arrive with your customer on time and at an optimal cost, while providing fast and accurate traceability.

Our ePOD system provides a wide array of useful functionalities, from optimal route allocation based on vehicle type and real-time traffic updates to auditable vehicle and hygiene checks. It works via GPRS and generates real-time information.

With both your office systems and delivery systems fully integrated, you can pass data between systems to generate work and delivery schedules, plan routes, track and confirm deliveries and use the data for accurate invoicing.

Our ePOD solution includes the following benefits:

  • Electronic Proof of Delivery (ePOD)
  • Quick access to work schedule
  • Lightweight and easily concealed handheld device
  • Field-based staff have access to real-time customer data including order history and accurate pricing
  • Delivery/collection instructions easily available
  • Photographic evidence of delivery
  • Barcode scanning support for faster more accurate data entry
  • Instant print or email of delivery note
  • Track items in real-time
  • Ability to edit and update delivery details allowing for variables
  • Ability to recall delivery notes
  • Integration with your office systems
  • Satellite navigation can be made available
  • Live delivery data available on key management information reports

Point Of Delivery Problems You May Have:

  • Continuous requirement to instruct the driver on route planning and sequencing
  • POD signatures are sometimes illegible or recorded on perishable material
  • Delivery process is prone to computational errors
  • Untimely or inaccurate record of deliveries made
  • Inaccurate or unreliable customer ETAs
  • Absence of an effective proof of delivery compliance
  • Reliant on driver knowledge for customer access
  • Sub-optimal cash flow arising from manual POD process
  • Requirement to write off or discount invoices due to errors in content
  • Credit control issues arising from poor ePOD practices
  • Large physical document storage requirement
  • Customer query resolution timeframe is lengthy
  • Lack of vehicle checks; vehicles of the road, spot hire vehicle costs, failed delivery times, impact customer service
  • Poor carbon footprint

EDG's ePOD Solution Allows You To Make Your Business Mobile

Our ePOD system can be configured to integrate fully with your existing ERP systems and business processes to provide a quick and effective solution to the challenges listed above. This is achieved by increasing your speed of invoicing, reducing customer queries, expediting customer payment and improving your cash flow.

In the field, our system is hosted on client handhelds or tablet computers which are issued to your mobile workforce. Because the solution is fully integrated with your back office system, data only has to be entered once, at source, improving the quality and accuracy of data throughout your various business processes.

The completion of paper documentation will no longer be required, vastly reducing the opportunity for errors to occur in the business process. At the same time, the solution will reduce the reliance on driver knowledge for customer access and engagement, as the ePOD system presents information on optimal routes, access and contact information allowing for seamless integration and knowledge transfer to both relief and new reps alike.

All transaction documentation is saved electronically and automatically, which can be retrieved in seconds via our configurable reporting interface. Invoices can also be created at point of sale, whilst users can re-print old delivery notes quickly and easily, assisting in a short lead time in resolving customer queries and a quicker route to payment.

In summary, our ePOD system will help your business to lower its costs, increase efficiency, improve customer service and maximise your ROI.

Mobilise your Workforce

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