Hardware Management That's Fit For Purpose

Our remote and in-house hardware management support is provided by experienced staff with an in-depth knowledge of the mobile computing industry, its products, and key original equipment manufacturers.

Support can be provided direct to 1st line operators or via a 2nd line channel to customer’s own support department, or both. Full device triage and fault resolution can be provided in a timely manner for received equipment. On receipt of faulty equipment by EDG, Data recovery will be performed on devices where this is found to be required.

EDG will manage the Returns Material Authorisation (RMA) process on behalf of your business, engaging with the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) to raise RMA documentation. EDG can arrange timely, insured conveyance of faulty equipment to and from the OEM repair centre.

The Hardware Value Added (HVA) Service Can Be Tailored As Required To Include Any Of The Following Elements:

  • Experienced hardware support and consultancy
  • 1st line and/or 2nd line hardware telephone support
  • Device triage and fault resolution
  • Full RMA process management
  • Data recovery service
  • Automated device re-commissioning service management
  • Device exchange programme
  • Risk assessment/emerging failure trends
  • Device preventive maintenance
  • Reports/analysis of Key Performance Metrics

We Can Help Your Business Overcome:

  • Chaotic management of hardware and software
  • Constant changes, updates and license expiries
  • Lack of visibility with insufficient information
  • Time wasted spent trying to manually discover and make stock of assets
  • Not receiving the required IT support/poor help desk management
  • Blindness of budget and procurement predicament

A Hardware Service Solution That Meets The Demands Of A Mobile Workforce

The Hardware Value Add (HVA) service provides many solutions to the common challenges concerning hardware management, ensuring businesses can efficiently and independently resource the service and support of their mobile device estate.

At EDG, the HVA service we provide helps in improving operational efficiency by ensuring that deployed mobile devices are in full working order and correctly configured on receipt by the operator.

Our product assists in reducing delays due to unavailability of deployment-ready replacement equipment in a reasonable timeframe, whilst reducing operator downtime through pro-active telephone intervention by experienced EDG support staff to remotely assess and resolve hardware-related issues as they are encountered.

At EDG, we ensure that where critical data may still reside on failed devices, we extract this data where possible and re-introduce it to your ERP system in a short timeframe. We also ensure that on receipt of mobile devices, we pro-actively assess and install them with all relevant beneficial manufacturer firmware and software updates as they become available.

We strive to provide a continuing analysis of hardware failure trends to identify and pro-actively reduce the risk of any emerging or latent hardware-related issues from spreading across the general estate population.

We also design and disseminate at a fixed frequency a set of bespoke hardware reports as desired by you to ensure that you are kept informed of key trends and metrics in the management and performance of your mobile estate.

Mobilise your Workforce

If you’d like to know more about any of our services, leave your details with us and we’ll do the rest!

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