Manage Your Mobile Workforce

This Cloud-based software enables your office and mobile workers to become more connected, and allows your managers to manage. One of the advantages of this software is its flexibility, as it can be used for a wide range of tasks that are undertaken by your mobile workforce.

This software offers a straightforward and efficient method of managing and monitoring employees and their respective tasks and responsibilities in real-time. It helps to boost productivity, plays a vital role in protecting workers by enforcing health and safety compliance and offers much greater control for employees on how, where and when they work.

Our Mobile Workforce Management Software Includes The Following Benefits:

  • Electronic data storage to facilitate immediate retrieval and obviate the requirement for paper archives
  • Real-time access to key business data for your managers and improved operational efficiency across the business
  • Reports produced from real-time data
  • Business trends are highlighted allowing you to target your resources more accurately
  • Improve efficiencies and decreased costs, resulting in improved profitability
  • Real-time tracking of vehicles so you have sight of your drivers on route
  • Automate the end-of-shift and driver debrief process
  • Track and report on driving habits to improve driving efficiencies such as fuel consumption
  • Improved communication through the work shift
  • Barcode scanning, image capture and latest technology available to capture data and provide the business with key information
  • Improved communication between mobile employees and office based staff
  • Stores all data associated with your business operation and generates reports on all data stored

Common Problems We Can Help You Overcome

  • Lack of visibility and oversight of employee activities
  • Lack of effective control in the workflow
  • No visibility of user / device locations or movements
  • No user confirmation that tasks are complete
  • No route management
  • Reliant on driver knowledge for information
  • Poor fuel efficiency
  • Poor levels of safety and compliance
  • Low levels of productivity
  • Poor levels or customer service or satisfaction
  • Absence of current data for real time reporting
  • Poor carbon footprint

Mobile Workforce Management Software By EDG

With EDG's Mobile Workforce Management software, your business will benefit from remote enforcement of automated structured workflow processes, allowing you to provide the highest level of service to your customers and drive sales and revenue in the process.

Our software provides a map to view device movements, as well as providing device management information such as; device battery level, connection status, asset information, the serial number, SIM (IMEI), available storage space and pending data traffic.

This solution captures user signatures and images at key points in the workflow, providing a defined workflow to to the operator and ensuring that the workflow is followed by the operator. It also delivers route guidance to ensure users take the optimal route to the customer, saving time, fuel and unnecessary exertion.

Mobilise your Workforce

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