Comply With Vehicle Inspection Legislation On The Move

Deploying EDG’s Mobilise solution for vehicle inspections will enable your business to gain 100% compliancy with DVSA and VOSA regulations and is the ideal and natural successor to the manually completed vehicle inspection sheet.

The solution will bridge the gap between management, the driver and the vehicle maintenance provider and will ensure that the fleet remains compliant and on the road.

With the help of our mobile Vehicle Inspection software, you can guarantee compliance for your fleet by means of a pre-defined enforced vehicle check process running on handheld or tablet devices. The solution will guide your workforce efficiently and accurately through the daily checking process and prompt them to perform checks at the start and end of the working day, or at any time- or event-triggered period of your choosing.

The Mobilise Vehicle Inspection System Covers The Following Features:

  • User prompted to perform checks at start and end of day for; oil, water, lights, tyres, steering, wipers and washers
  • Support for Ad-hoc checks during the day if driver notices a fault
  • Support for rapid deployment of customer-specific questions or checks
  • Efficient accident workflow processes; preventing errors at time of incident, helping to reduce insurance costs, includes junction/road layout diagram capture, includes photographs and a print facility to generate a third party report
  • Electronic signature sign off for driver and supervisor
  • Exception reporting
  • Data retention; digital storage for 15 months (as per VOSA requirement)
  • Supports management of DVSA requirements for: LGV, Non LGV, Car and Vans
  • Improves accuracy with no human error re-keying information or misreading poor handwriting

Vehicle Inspection Problems We Can Help You Solve

  • Non- or partial compliance by drivers with vehicle inspection process
  • Time lost as a result of defective vehicles failing or being impounded whilst on the road
  • Elevated levels of accidents and breakdowns of liveried vehicles with attendant reputational damage
  • Uncertainty re existing compliancy processes and attendant risks of fines for non-compliance
  • Lack of identification upon vehicle users
  • Illegible, missing or poor quality paper reports
  • Unnecessarily complicated manual vehicle check processes

EDG's Mobilise Solution Makes Vehicle Inspection Fears A Thing Of The Past

Our solution ensures that compliance is enforced effectively across your fleet, ensures that drivers are assigned to the correct vehicle according to their driving licence, and prevents drivers from being in breach of compliance rules.

The Mobilise Vehicle Inspection System helps to reduce business expenses, as vehicle checks are completed electronically saving on paper costs. It also provides immediate, real time notification for fleet managers in the form of automatic email updates which are triggered in any case of non-compliance or on the occurrence of an adverse event.

This real-time mobile solution helps to enforce DVSA requirements for a variety of vehicles including large goods vehicles, cars and vans, and offers a simple method to defect and exception reporting.

For busy fleet operations, moving to mobile operations could help you to reduce operating costs whilst enhancing productivity, removing the need for paperwork and assisting in the handling of your vehicle maintenance programme.

Mobilise your Workforce

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