Asset Tracking

Allowing you to track, trace and manage a variety of assets efficiently, accurately and securely.

We can make your life easier by providing a complete asset management and tracking system that will improve your operational efficiency.

  • Benefits to key business stakeholders

    Benefits to The Board

    • Know where your delivery/collection trolleys, totes, pallets are and reduce overheads of buying more unnecessarily
    • Know where your assets are located
    • Report on asset history to track missing items
    • Enforces personal responsibility and accountability for company property

    Benefits to your Finance and Accounts team

    • Track and locate company assets (trolleys, totes, pallets, etc.) to ensure your asset register is accurate
    • Save time using report functions to complete audits and inventory on your business assets
    • Enables accurate customer billing
    • Know where your assets are and reduce the need to buy more
    • Recover costs to damaged assets using tracking history and even capture photograph evidence to support claims on your assets
    • Eliminates a time consuming job allowing resource to be used elsewhere

    Benefits to Operations/Logistics managers

    • Less paperwork for you and your drivers
    • Ease of access to all information relating to assets under logistics’ control
    • Know where your vehicles and other company assets such as trolleys, totes and pallets are
    • Know where your drivers are – lone worker protection
    • Collect data faster and with more detail

    Benefits to the end user (Drivers)

    • Reduce queries on assets from your office
    • Easy record of what assets are outstanding at your points of delivery/collection
    • Saves time for you

    Benefits to IT Staff

    • Barcode scanning and image capture
    • Real-time data capture from a tried, tested, reliable and trusted system means increased efficiencies for your business without headaches for you!
    • Human error potential is now eliminated
  • Key functions

    • Barcode recording of entire estate
    • RFID tag
    • Asset tracking reports
    • Auditing and inventory history
    • Task lists for specific dates and times
    • Record damage made to your assets/equipment
    • Data export to file formats including excel
    • Record asset condition and status
    • Data on handheld secure and password protected
    • Notification of missing assets
    • Asset check in, check out and transfer ability
    • Can track a variety of assets depending on your business requirements
    • Assign your assets with an unique identification number
  • What it looks like...

    Asset tracking

    Asset tracking screen

Could your business benefit from Asset Tracking?  Arrange a meeting to discuss your requirements and complete a return on investment analysis to access whether this is the best solution for you.

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