Management Information

Improving business intelligence, helping you to make smarter and more informed business decisions with access to real-time data.

Our software is the platform for the majority of our data capture solutions. It has been developed to allow for additional administration functions, reporting, setting and monitoring key performance indicators (KPIs) and includes dashboard functionality displaying real time data to management and other allocated users.

The dashboard allows for quick view information in real time and can include traffic light based alerts systems as well as track daily schedules, progress and sales information. Included with our Vehicle Tracking solution you can monitor vehicle information and statistics via dashboards and reports including


  • Benefits to key business stakeholders

    Benefits to The Board

    • Real-time access to key business data for your managers and improved running of the business.
    • Improve efficiencies and decrease costs, resulting in improved profitability

    Benefits to you Finance and Accounts team

    • Financial reports produced from real-time data collected
    • More timely financial information from the business operation
    • Business trends are highlighted allowing you to target your resources more accurately
    • Set and track KPIs relating to key financial and operational objectives

    Benefits to Operational/Logistic management

    • Ease of end of shift and driver debrief process
    • Improved communication thought the work shift
    • Have sight of your drivers on route via tracking software
    • Track and report on driving habits [via Isotrak] to improve driving efficiencies such as fuel usage
    • Barcode scanning, image capture and latest technology available to capture data and provide your various departments within the business with key information

    Benefits to the end user (Drivers)

    • Improved communication between mobile employees and office based staff with easy messaging/calls to your office/depot and your delivery/collection locations
    • Ease of access to relevant job information to answer questions from your line manager, your Customer Services team, your colleagues in Transport, the other drivers, etc.
    • Reduce time in end of shift debriefs – no more time consuming questions from management as all info recorded automatically such as job completion, vehicle checks, customer notes and queries

    Benefits to IT Staff

    • Generate reports on all data stored as Middleware captures and stores all data associated with your business operation
    • Ease of integration with current office systems using Middleware
    • Integrate data captured with your back ups and data restore processes.
    • Disaster recovery planning can be included within the proposal and consultation process
    • Data storage for immediate retrieval – no more paperwork archives
    • A range of support options including 24/7 support packages
    • Hosting services optional – data on your servers or a third party supplier

  • Screen Shots


    Accident form


    Screen for logging tasks


    Fuel usage data capture

    Accident questionnaire for drivers

    Accident questionnaire for drivers


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