Portable Printing

Our rugged and portable printers offer reliable performance for businesses that require instant, real time paperwork on the move.

From delivery and card transaction receipts for mobile sales, to field service functions including service and delivery receipts, queue busting facilities and settlement reports to improve the efficiency of your business and your customer service.

  • Benefits to key business stakeholders

    Benefits to the Board

    • Increased productivity – saving your business time on everyday admin tasks and therefore money
    • Improved customer service by getting key documentation to customers at time of transaction in real time
    • Supplying your employees with the right tools to complete their jobs as more businesses are embracing mobile working


    Benefits to your Finance and Accounts team

    • Mobile printing can directly improve business financials and directly impact cash flow with faster payments with instant real time statements and invoices available
    • Cost savings as statements can be delivered to customers at the point of transaction, which in turn eliminates the need to post invoices
    • Access to mobile billing and payments with printable receipts for customers and card transaction receipts


    Benefits to Operations/Logistics managers

    • Less paperwork for you and your drivers to fill in as many admin tasks are dealt with on the spot
    • Collect data faster and with more detail
  • Solution features

    • Collection/Delivery Receipts
    • Service Receipts
    • Transaction Receipts
    • Credit Card Transactions
    • Inventory Reports
    • Route/Labour Scheduling
    • Settlement Reports
    • Coupons
    • Queue Busting


  • How it works

    The printer is paired with a device (Handset/Smartphone/Tablet) via a wireless connection and comes with a range of features:

    • Ultra Rugged – Passed 6ft (1.8m) drop test
    • Exclusive Features – Advanced 32-bit architecture RISC processor for light-speed processing, LED lights to indicate Bluetooth, charging and power status and an external DC jack for easy charging
    • Many options to fit your specific needs – Optional Bluetooth or 802.11b/g connectivity, magnetic stripe card reader and linerless printing capability
    • Handheld Compatibility – Supports a wide variety of hand-held computers from leading manufacturers
    • Print Quality – 203dpi resolution
    • Fonts – Stores fonts, graphics and operating system in Flash memory; supports international character sets and any Bitstream® bitmap font
    • Graphics – Supports the printing of graphics, 1D barcodes, 2D symbologies and signature capture
    • Endurance – Intelligent power management and programmable sleep mode for extended battery life
    • Battery – Unlike competitors’ printers, the battery is included in the purchase price and, when it’s time to replace the battery, the microFlash printers use economical replacement batteries
    • Charging Options – External charge contacts, AC adapter or a 12V vehicle cigarette lighter adapter
  • What it looks like...



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