Vehicle Tracking and Telematics

Our live web-based vehicle tracking solution not only helps you save on your annual fuel bill (as much as £1,500 for an HGV covering 40,000 miles a year) and shrink your carbon footprint.


It will also give you a vital insight into your drivers’ timings and behaviours, enhance your health & safety and duty of care responsibilities to them and help you to improve customer service

  • Benefits

    The reporting enables you to:

    • Monitor fuel usage and vehicle speeds including identifying harsh braking and acceleration
    • Reduce engine idling time
    • Spot the difference between private and business usage
    • Cross-check fuel receipts and timesheets
    • Help your drivers manage their hours on the road and reduce overtime
    • Always know the location of your vehicles (thanks to UK aerial photography and European street level mapping)
    • Keep your customers up to date with drivers’ arrival times and know the minute a vehicle returns home or reaches the depot.

    We can help you exploit a new layer of business intelligence immediately.


  • Screen shots

    MC67 Vehicle Tracking

    Displaying all vehicles on a map

    MC67 Vehicle Tracking

    Fleet management information display

    MC67 Vehicle Tracking

    Vehicle route displays on map


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