Specialists Mobilising Your Business

At EDG, we want to help you by providing automated solutions and simplifying your day-to-day tasks, enabling you time better spent on more pressing re-sponsibilities.

Benefit from efficient staff management, better stock forecasting, speculative sales management, effective reporting and more, helping to heighten perfor-mance and in-turn improve your customers’ perception.

Ensure vehicle and driver compliance by eliminating VOSA fines or negligence claims with help from our automated vehicle checks, where data is saved and checks can be audited.

Through our software solutions we provide the following benefits to the Manufacturing & Industrial sector:

  • Customer specific workflows, e.g. Tesco TRN
  • Email reporting; demonstrates exception triggers as well as weekly or monthly return reasons and staff performance
  • Lower carbon footprint; reduced paper usage, auto email dockets to the customer
  • EPOS transactions; facilitates customers who can only invoice for what is sold by the customer through their till systems
  • Improved accuracy of products and orders
  • Order cut off and warning support
  • Cannot oversell to specific customers
  • Handheld device communicates information back to server, and the server uses this information to re-create dockets via a document imaging system
  • Easily configured production software
  • Management of returns; ability to handle returns of waste stock e.g. out of date, and ability to handle returns of good stock e.g. overstock by the intelligent ordering system
  • Efficient payment collection
  • Traceable lodgement capture

EDG's Powerful Software Solutions Helps You To Over Come

  • Non customer specific workflows
  • No order cut-off or warning support
  • Manager unable to authorise changes to an order
  • Ineligibility and mismanagement
  • Confusion over stock availability and return of stock
  • Poor visibility reporting
  • Speculative stocks and sales
  • Lack of feedback on costs and performance predictions

Why Choose Us?

At EDG, we have been delivering mobile workforce solutions for over 30 years. We have a strong and proven track record working with many successful and established businesses and we offer a scalable solution, catering for over 125 million deliveries each year.

Our cloud-based solution combined with our Software as a Service (SaaS) delivery model provides organisations like yours with a configurable framework that can be tailored to your individual business needs, helping Fleet Managers all over the UK to create an effective working model with the foundation to gain an excellent ROI.

Mobilise your Workforce

If you’d like to know more about any of our services, leave your details with us and we’ll do the rest!

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