With 6,200 employees across 32 countries, Glanbia Plc is in a leading market position in sports nutrition, cheese, dairy ingredients, specialty non-dairy ingredients and vitamin and mineral premixes. The company sells or distributes products in more than 130 countries.

Glanbia Consumer Foods, part of Glanbia Plc, is one of Ireland’s largest dairy producers, supplying retailers throughout the country with dairy milk products and chilled foods, including yoghurt and cheese.

The Glanbia Consumer Foods / EDG Partnership

The scale of Glanbia’s growing customer base combined with its large, complex distribution network and the need for many of its customers to have specific delivery processes and details could and would expose any limitations and gaps in legacy data capture systems.

Following an internal review in 2011, Glanbia identified this risk and made the decision that a number of its existing systems were no longer fit for purpose and would need to be replaced with a new, robust, order capture and e-POD solution as a priority.

EDG were delighted to assist Glanbia in their product research and selection process. We were able to work with Glanbia to understand their specific needs and make suggestions based upon EDG’s extensive experience in mobile workforce automation.

As a result of this research, Glanbia opted to invest in a real time, unified, fully automated and mobile-enabled order capture and electronic delivery process system which has allowed them to better manage the process and ensure all customer needs are met.

Aside from the benefits delivered to customers through ease and speed of processing, Glanbia’s new system has provided them with; real time information exchange between mobile users and the business, image and barcode capture at source, and wireless integration with existing back office systems.

Here at EDG, we are very proud to be helping Glanbia to provide a best in class delivery service to its customers.