Van Sales & Distribution

Our Mobilise Van Sales & Distribution solution provides businesses with a complete, end-to-end platform that effectively manages customer relationships, product sales and stock control.

Its advanced features provide an efficient CRM system and ePOD solution, helping to increase productivity, improve customer service and reduce operating costs.

Integrate Your Distribution & Sales Network

Our cloud-based solution and SaaS model has been designed specifically for the mobilised workforce. It fully integrates with your existing office management and accounting systems.The solution is a real-time, van sales solution that allows you to manage your on-the-road sales operations with ease.

It is designed and deployed in a manner that facilitates an increasing number of mobile operators without necessitating increased capital expenditure.

It’s fully scalable for use by customers, running from ten to several thousand users, and provides an enhanced level of accuracy displaying information which is relevant to the operator, route or customer at any point. This means users are able to benefit from an enhanced level of clarity and productivity, whilst reducing the risk of human error.

Our Van Sales & Distribution Solution Includes the Following Benefits:

  • Barcode scanning support for faster more accurate data entry
  • Employee profiles
  • Scheduled call cycle
  • Speculative sales
  • Sales trends
  • Credit notes and invoicing
  • Digital POD/sales invoices
  • Historical transaction information
  • Price overrides
  • Live product promotions
  • Standing order management
  • Customer specific pricing
  • Enforcement of contractual agreements; POD, GRN, Chilled/Frozen
  • Audited monies collection
  • Asset management
  • Van replenishment management
  • Returns and wastage
  • Stock reconciliation, stock counts, stock audits
  • Van to van transactions
  • Batch traceability

How We Can Solve Your Van Sales & Distribution Challenges:

  • Say goodbye to poor oversight and control of key metrics, such as:
    • Wastage
    • Returns
    • Stock confirmations
    • Stock levels
  • You no longer need to worry about poor scalability
  • Reduce propensity for over and under stocking
  • Say goodbye to high operating costs
  • Eradicate poor customer experience
  • Say goodbye to transcription errors
  • Minimise reliance on driver knowledge i.e. routes, contact and access information
  • Eradicate poor credit control management
  • Heighten your poor regulatory compliance
  • Enhance your lack of driver awareness regarding delivery slot times
  • Say goodbye to your poor carbon footprint
  • Speed up your slow lead time to cash
  • Reduce your large document storage requirement

EDG Can Help to Expand Your Mobile Sales

Our platform facilitates real-time communications to your back-end system via a cellular network, diminishing the need for additional administrative staff to input data. It also reduces the requirement for continuous stock checks by ensuring that only products that are currently stocked in the vehicle are made available for sale to the customer.

Our solution will help to lower the potential for overstocking and under stocking by making intelligent advanced stocking decisions based on historical order patterns, helping to boost productivity and enhance sales. The solution also records performance analysis of the sales agent based on key metrics, which again help to increase efficiencies and drive down costs.

Experience a short lead time in resolving customer queries through our configurable reporting interface with easily retrievable transaction documentation saved both electronically and automatically. And experience a quick lead time to cash with invoices created at point of sale.

Complemented by an optional fully integrated GPS navigation system, our solution will render your business to be less reliant on driver knowledge in areas such as optimal route selection, customer access and contact information, allowing for a more efficient and less costly sales and distribution process .

Other benefits include: auditable vehicle and hygiene checks, exception reporting, i.e. automated handheld prompts to record failure reason when an agent misses an SLA, not to mention real-time traffic updates.

Mobilise Your Workforce

If you’d like to know more about any of our services, leave your details with us and we’ll do the rest!

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