Wholesale & Distribution

Retail, Wholesale and distribution verticals are constantly under pressure to do more for less, EDG can help companies to identify and eliminate inefficiencies and reduce the ‘start of day shuffle’ that commonly occurs within the management processes. Our unique software management solutions, enable businesses to maximise sales by ensuring they can deal with the demand flexibility required on the back–end, digital transformation can massively streamline your operations to reduce costs and inefficiencies; less time on admin creates more time for work that matters.

Automate Day-to-Day Tasks

At EDG, we want to help you by providing automated solutions and simplifying your day-to-day tasks, enabling you time better spent on more timely duties.

We can help improve your business productivity and heighten your customers’ perception through a better standard of service. How? Well, we can improve your staff management with staff performance analysis, and help you to keep track of missed SLAs, ensuring drivers record their reason, with exception reporting.

You can also gain from optimal route allocation based on vehicle type, as well as real-time traffic updates and traceable movement with snail trail mapping of staff locations, providing better visibility among your workforce.

Lastly, we help to ensure vehicle and driver compliance 24/7 by eliminating DVSA fines or negligence claims with help from our automated vehicle checks.

Our Software Solutions Can Help Your Business to:

  • Increase visibility; staff performance analysis and snail trail mapping of staff locations
  • Shorten lead time to resolve customer queries
  • Quicken lead time to cash; invoices can be created at point of sale
  • Complete efficient vehicle audits and hygiene checks
  • Gain better financial management i.e. customer specific pricing, credit notes, invoicing, discount management, audited monies collection etc.
  • Benefit from exception reporting and handheld prompts to record failure reason when driver misses SLA
  • Gain optimal route allocation based on vehicle type and real-time traffic updates
  • Lower carbon footprint i.e. reduced paper usage, auto email dockets to the customer
  • Improve accuracy of products and orders
  • Reduce cost with automatic communications to back end systems, saving on administrative staff costs

Wholesale & Distribution Challenges EDG Can Help to Solve:

  • Poor visibility of driver activities
  • Inefficient fleet management
  • Unforeseen vehicle problems leading to expensive rentals
  • Slow lead time to cash
  • Reliant on driver knowledge
  • Lack of vehicle checks
  • Lack of driver awareness around delivery slot times
  • Poor carbon footprint

Why Choose Us?

At EDG, we have been delivering mobile workforce solutions for over 40 years. We have a strong and proven track record working with many successful and established businesses and we offer a scalable solution, catering for over 125 million deliveries each year.

Our cloud-based solution combined with our Software as a Service (SaaS) delivery model provides organisations like yours with a configurable framework that can be tailored to your individual business needs, helping warehouse and distribution managers all over the UK to create an effective working model with the foundation to gain an excellent ROI.

Mobilise Your Workforce

If you’d like to know more about any of our services, leave your details with us and we’ll do the rest!

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