Merchandising & Marketing

Our Merchandising & Marketing solution helps businesses, both large and small, to merchandise and manage their customer compliance.

By gathering business intelligence, your organisation can utilise such information to gain a competitive advantage.

You’ll find our service offers an insightful and intelligent solution that provides the data resources and technology needed to build insight-based, sales-driving business intelligence for your company.

Merchandising for Teams on the Go

At EDG, we aim to help by influencing and educating your customers, to convert browsers into buyers and ensure a positive return on your investment. We do this by providing a merchandising and marketing solution that gathers data from point of sale using terminals that include surveys, questionnaires, images, videos, reviews, visit histories and more.

This solution drives actions by speaking with management, ordering products and completing other necessary tasks based on the data and insights it receives.

It’s an e-merchandising solution that personalises, in real-time, your customer pathway to help boost your sales.

Our Merchandise & Marketing Service Helps Your Team Gather Business Intelligence from the Following Areas:

  • Target market or customer base
  • Live market data
  • Product sales
  • Competitor analysis
  • Promotional compliance
  • Field sales feedback

How We Can Solve Your Merchandising & Marketing Challenges:

  • Say goodbye to poor enforcement of SLAs and conditions of sale
  • Increase insight of task completion by the merchandiser
  • Boost business intelligence regarding product presence and positioning within store
  • Gain better, more pro-active promotions
  • Increase usage of human resource capital
  • Reduce reliance on the availability of internet connectivity whilst in store
  • Say goodbye to poorly targeted questions, non-specific surveys and poor data quality
  • Reduce long lead time for survey or marketing modifications

The Perfect Match for Your Mobile Marketing & Merchandising Division

Our merchandise and marketing service captures information in a structured manner, as well as capturing images, providing a clear visibility of what is happening within your store/s.

The solution will help your business to achieve predetermined business goals with use of pro-active research, development and promotional visibility.

Our highly configurable yet easy to use business intelligence solution will allow your business to benefit from targeted questions via surveys that can be tailored to individual customers or customer groups as opposed to long, non-targeted generic surveys.

Our marketing solution captures intelligence figures and trends and displays the insights on easy to read reports, including on-shelf analysis, promotional compliance, price analysis and competitor analysis.

Mobilise Your Workforce

If you’d like to know more about any of our services, leave your details with us and we’ll do the rest!

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