The distribution industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the UK, and thanks to the positive influences of new technology, it continues to grow. Logistics processes have changed substantially over the years with the development of new distribution software. Such advancements have meant same-day delivery slots, SMS notifications, email updates and electronic signatures have become an expected service in the modern world of logistics.

What is ePOD?

ePOD stands for Electronic Proof of Delivery. In today’s distribution industry, an ePOD system is vital. It offers a variety of benefits that can ensure your delivery business provides a more efficient and accurate logistics service through the use of fast, secure and electronic data management.

How can ePOD help my business?

Using the latest technology can help to ensure your business stays ahead instead of lagging behind. No matter what the future brings, ePOD provides a number of benefits for your workforce, your customers and your cash flow. Here we discuss how mobilised solutions can help boost your delivery business.

Improve productivity

ePOD systems help to enhance the productivity of your business and the output per hour of your employees, with the help of fast and efficient computerised methods, these include:

  • Increased accuracy and efficiency through fast and secure electronic data management
  • Real time communication and tracking of HHT; keeping your transport team up to date with the latest situation without distracting the driver
  • Ease of integration and compatibility with other Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems
  • Earlier confirmed deliveries enabling swifter invoicing

Enhance customer service

With greater visibility and direct access to digital delivery records, drivers have the information they need to alert customers to changes in their delivery whilst being able to respond promptly to customer queries. Customers also benefit from the following:

  • Up-to-date delivery information, resolving customer queries quicker and minimising customer complaints
  • A more instant service with delivery documents emailed to customers at time of delivery
  • Staff are able to monitor changes to delivery, manage credits and update other information whilst at customer premises
  • Quickly resolved disputes with the utilisation of electronic copies of signatures and photographic evidence
  • Easier management of claims for missed and damaged products
  • Empowering your workforce

ePOD systems help to empower your employees by allowing them to keep track of any scheduled changes via their mobile ePOD solution while enabling them the opportunity to alert customers when necessary. Employees benefit from;

  • Fast communication of changes without distraction from current task
  • No requirement for manual data entry
  • Proactive resources that are pre-emptive of other tasks
  • Avoidance of duplication of effort and human error

Better cash flow

Electronic proof of delivery can help to reduce financial costs, by reducing administration and management overheads, increasing operational savings and improving cash flow. Cash flow benefits include;

  • Earlier confirmed deliveries enabling earlier billing
  • ePOD cash collections and instant receipting for instant payment
  • Reduced costs including reduction on paper, printing and storage costs

What does the future hold for ePOD?

Using an electronic proof of delivery system can streamline the process of delivering goods and services, increase efficiency across the business and result in improved customer satisfaction levels, increased stock accuracy and stronger cash flow. If that doesn’t suffice, having an effective ePOD management system will provide your delivery business with a stronger solution should logistical challenges arise in the future.