Fleet & Operations Management

EDG’s mobile solutions enable Fleet and Operations Management to optimise and track scheduled routes and deliveries, streamlining their fleet operations. Our solutions give users valuable insight into organisational performance, with actionable analytics to monitor performance and generate real time reports.

EDG can also facilitate integration with various third-party routing applications, so planners can track vehicles and maintain full visibility when GPS tracking is activated.

Be Streamlined; Stay Informed

When managing your company’s fleet, finding fair and achievable ways to increase productivity is crucial. Through EDG’s effective fleet management solutions, you can find ways to help your team achieve the most from each journey they make.

By enabling Digital solutions for businesses on the move, EDG’s managed workflow solutions can automate common processes, meaning less time is spent on administrative tasks and more on the things that matter.

Managers will benefit from reduced overheads, heightened safety levels, better management of their fleet and workforce, as well as a reduction in delivery disputes and greater accuracy of documentation.

Operations Managers will see an increased cash flow with EDG’s mobile payment devices helping to align the cash cycle by reducing payment hold-ups, making the business more profitable and competitive.

Our mobile solutions will streamline your services. At the start of each shift, scheduled jobs are synchronised directly to your workforce via their portable devices, jobs can be prioritised based on system configured rules, such as their location, existing workload etc.

Job status is available in real-time, work schedules are easier to coordinate and mobile teams will be more efficient, vastly improving your customer service. Enhanced efficiency and more productive mobile teams will reduce your operational costs.

EDG’s software solutions mean your management teams can make the most informed and intelligent decisions, all backed by real-time data, providing a more successful operation each and every day.

EDG is here to help with all fleet management requirements. By doing so, we will ensure that you get the maximum benefit from both your fleet and your workforce. Streamlining your business with real-time updates, improving customer service, and ultimately increasing profitability.

Our Software Solutions Can Help Your Business to Gain:

Fleet Management

  • Effective fleet management
  • Shared and collated information with stakeholders
  • Compliance with regulatory safety requirements
  • A reliable supplier
  • Improved resource management
  • Accurate real-time data
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Better visibility
  • Better levels of communication throughout your team

Operation Management

  • Know where your assets are located and reduce overheads
  • Gain a real-time record of deliveries
  • Save time collating paperwork at the end of the day
  • Collect data faster and with more detail
  • Eliminate human error potential
  • Gain access to real-time reporting and collate new data
  • Benefit from ease of access to all information relating to assets under logistics’ control
  • Improve efficiencies within the business to drive down costs on input error or unnecessary paperwork and processes

Fleet Challenges EDG Can Solve:

  • Inadequate oversight and control of fleet efficiency
  • Absence of key data to inform strategic decision making
  • Stakeholders not possessing relevant information
  • Uncertainty in scaling the business to its commercial needs
  • Non-compliance with regulatory safety requirements
  • Poor inventory management
  • Unreliable suppliers
  • Lack of environmental and CSR credentials
  • Poor resource management

Operation Challenges EDG Can Solve:

  • Poor visibility of asset location and status
  • Lack of control of the asset management process
  • High asset replacement costs
  • Poor accountability
  • Absence of key information
  • Poor delivery records
  • Input errors resulting in incorrect or missing key data
  • Lack of data capture
  • Poor overall efficiency

Why Choose Us?

At EDG, we’ve been delivering mobile workforce solutions for over 40 years. We have a strong and proven track record working with many successful and established businesses and we offer a scalable solution, currently enabling over 125 million deliveries each year in the UK and Ireland.

Our cloud-based solution combined with our Software as a Service (SaaS) delivery model provides organisations like yours with a configurable framework that can be tailored to your individual business needs, helping fleet managers all over the UK to create an effective working model and gain an excellent ROI.

Mobilise Your Workforce

If you’d like to know more about any of our services, leave your details with us and we’ll do the rest!

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