Businesses are forever searching for new ideas on how best to improve their sales and merchandising operations. Yet in order to improve such processes, companies firstly need to implement the right business intelligence techniques.

So, how is this achieved? Well, many sales and distribution companies find that leveraging business intelligence can help them to improve their sales and merchandising operations.

By employing intuitive planning and reporting software, businesses can benefit from actionable insights that help to strengthen the company’s overall performance.

Gain a Competitive Advantage

Business intelligence has proven to be a competitive advantage, allowing companies to look at and correlate data from different company operations such as, inventories, production and finance.

By having access to the right data, companies can realign their business intelligence systems. The crucial element lies in transforming their data sources to one centralised platform.

Making Smarter Business Decisions

By improving business intelligence, you can make smarter and more informed business decisions. So what kind of centralised system should you be looking for?

At EDG, we provide intelligent sales management software, developed for reporting, monitoring key performance indicators (KPIs) and displaying real time data.

Benefits of Sales & Merchandising Software

Such sales and merchandising software provides a number of benefits, not simply through upgrading your current system but by providing the following:
Sales staff will have access to product and customer data, order history along with other competitive information to enhance the sales process

Staff can report on merchandising, customer feedback and can include any anecdotal information

  • Sales Management has a comprehensive reporting tool that will allow rapid analysis of sales trends, leading to efficient implementation and management of tactical promotions
  • Centrally generated questionnaires can be used to conduct market research
  • Third party market data can be incorporated to give a more complete view thorough the interactive sales management tool
  • Sales staff can report on a variety of ad hoc matters such as product display compliance, promotional and competitor activity, or respond to centrally generated questions
  • Sales and merchandising staff can capture details of promotional and category compliance
  • Customer-specific notes may be displayed to the operator
  • When live communications are used, the back-office system can update the operator’s visit schedule, adding or removing customers or orders as necessary
  • Solutions to your Operational Issues

While business intelligence provides many benefits to an organisation, looking at the infrastructure and re-working it to suit your company’s individual needs could essentially improve the overall success of your business.

By locating and utilising the right sales and merchandising solution, you can gain flexible, powerful sales support and market intelligence. At EDG, we ensure our software provides precisely that as well as the following features:

  • A fully integrated barcode scanner for convenient product data entry
  • Key area reporting, such as product merchandising and customer feedback, to help provide exceptional customer service
  • Full integration service tailored to your existing back office systems
  • Planning software to provide real-time appointment scheduling for effective workforce implementation
  • Comprehensive reporting tool providing instant access to marketing intelligence
  • Create, manage and send multi-product and customer specific price lists with ease to help provide exceptional service
  • Access your information with our cloud-based solutions anywhere and anytime
  • Capturing planogram compliance to ensure your merchandisers and customer are adhering to agreements

What’s next for Sales and Merchandising?

Technology and modern business practices now play a significant role in helping to improve revenue and decrease costs.

Business intelligence can be a key factor in accomplishing better performance and stronger decision making, especially when implemented in a way that allows users to fully control its capability.

At EDG, we offer portable software solutions that give you full control and can be tailored to your business’s needs, ensuring your business gains the competitive advantage it requires and performs to the best of its ability.