Growing businesses face a range of challenges. For instance, as a business develops different problems and opportunities require unique solutions, particularly as what worked a year ago may no longer be an effective approach.

Identifying and overcoming the common threats associated with running a successful business is essential if your business is to succeed. Essentially, you need to ensure that the steps you take today don’t themselves generate difficulties in the future.

Whatever your industry, your business will face ongoing challenges. Here we uncover the problems commonly encountered by businesses and discuss how these problems can be resolved with the assistance of mobile solutions.

Meeting Regulatory Compliance

The regulatory landscape is an ever-changing, fast-growing area in that as soon as one regulation is complied with, one or two more emerge to take its place. No matter on the industry you operate, those responsible for compliance may find it hard just keeping track of existing regulations, never mind complying with them.

Solution: With the escalating and ever-changing demands of today’s regulatory environment, mobile solutions can help provide due diligence in the following areas. This is achieved by implementing workflow processes that ensure adherence to legal compliance for each of the regulations below:

  • The Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA)
  • The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA)
  • Health & Safety
  • Food Safety
  • Working Time Regulations

Increasing Productivity

The quality of environment in any workplace can determine the level of employee’s motivation, performance and productivity. The physical conditions can have a direct impact on the employee’s productivity levels. Mobile solutions can help to increase productivity, by creating efficient work practices that help to reduce transcription and data entry, meaning there is no duplication of effort.

Solution: Smarter mobile solutions can lead to better levels of productivity amongst employees. For businesses with drivers and vehicles to oversee, a new layer of business technology is available. You can achieve increased levels of productivity throughout the facets of your business with the following:

  • Real-time data capture at point of interaction with no reliance on recall; helping to increase accuracy of delivery and collection whilst helping to avoid disputes
  • Confirming deliveries as they are made; enabling invoices to be generated and sent earlier, therefore improving productivity

Lowering Operating Costs

Countless enterprises work on tight margins, and as a result, business owners look for new ways to reduce their operating expenditures without losing quality. But how best can you reduce such costs? Well, software can have a vast impact on lowering the operating outlays of your business, providing company owners the ability to generate more revenue and reduce overheads.

Solution: Online systems and software programmes have helped to automate business functions, making it easier to manage all aspects of commerce. Integrated solutions take away the need of costly duplication and of manually keying information, resulting in a lessened opportunity for human error and eradicated printing costs.

Improved Customer Experience

No company can afford to neglect the customer experience they offer. Gaining a clear view of what matters to your customer, where to focus your energies, and how to keep the customer experience high are each strategic priorities that require time. Companies who successfully implement a customer experience strategy are more likely to achieve:

  • Higher customer satisfaction rates
  • Reduced customer leaving rates
  • Increased revenue
  • Customers willing to pay more for a better experience

Solution: The time may have come for you to reinvent your customer experience. Implementing mobile solutions will mean you can benefit from improved visibility of your workforce. Be it reporting ETAs, or using real-time data flow for confirmation of deliveries, or collections with an electronic signature. The way in which you choose to implement mobile solutions will depend on the unique requirements of your business, whilst helping you to improve your customer experience.

Hand-held computing and mobile workforce solutions can help solve common business challenges whilst helping to gain a return on your investment. EDG’s solutions enable you to collect data for analysis and process it efficiently, at every stage of a process, allowing you to identify and target hold-ups, leading to an overall improved customer experience.