Electronic proof-of-delivery (ePOD) tech has revolutionised logistics. Your legible proof-of-delivery is instantly uploaded, reducing inaccuracies, queries and issues. There are many benefits, including route planning, vehicle maintenance and reducing your carbon footprint – to name a few.

The upgrades do not stop there. ePOD tech reduces waste and boosts sales. Here is what you can expect:

Top 5 Benefits of ePod

ePOD tech provides access to essential tools and information, strengthening van sales and distribution. Hosted, cloud-based tech and SaaS capabilities provide an enhanced experience, designed specifically for your mobilised salesforce.

  1. Speculative sales

This benefit takes the top spot, as boosting sales is paramount for every business. Your mobile teams can now up-sell live at your customer’s premises. Not only is this incredibly convenient for a customer needing further stock then and there, but you can also maximise sales on the road. Your delivery solution has the capability to yield sales opportunities and through convenience and service – bolster customer loyalty. Capturing extra revenue and meeting customer demand makes for an attractive combination.

  1. Comprehensive customer data

We had to tuck several benefits into this category. From customer specific pricing to sales trends and a digital sales invoice – giving your mobile teams access to everything they need creates an enviable customer experience. Happy customers are repeat customers. In this digital age where so much selling is done online, you need to provide an easy, modern solution for your client base.

  1. End-to-end business solution

Optimised warehousing and logistics takes time, know-how and proves a significant cost to any business. Advanced ePOD tech provides an efficient CRM system and an ePOD solution. This slick capability provides an end-to-end platform for your business that effectively manages customer relationships, product sales and stock control. It offers stock management, audits and reconciliation – reducing waste and streamlining costs. It offers batch traceability and standing order management – improving every area of your distribution. It can schedule call cycles and manage every aspect of the customer relationship, offering a unique, enhanced experience for your valued client base.

  1. Wastage

A significant overhead for a business that replenishes stock is waste. Not just in terms of wasting physical stock, but a poorly managed operation leads to additional waste, such as high operating costs. The ePOD solution has a broad range of functions, including optimal route allocation and real-time traffic updates. The lightweight, hand-held device provides unique book-in information, delivery and collection instructions – eliminating wasted time on the road. A delivery that is not timely and accurate is liable to be queried and part or full credits administered. The ePOD includes photographic delivery evidence allowing for fewer queries, problems and credits.

  1. Compliance

Compliance continues to be an important factor for all businesses to observe. The ePOD solution eradicates ineffective proof-of-delivery compliance. Your driver is guided safely and precisely throughout the delivery process, registering events with real-time data. There are less delivery and pick-up errors, with individual customer processes observed. The ePOD even prompts for vehicle safety checks, keeping your teams safe and demonstrating your processes and compliance.


An ePOD solution for your teams will promote smarter selling on the road and provide a competitive edge for your business. EDG is a leading provider of hand-held computing and mobile workforce solutions for over 40 years. We continuously develop and implement cost effective solutions that maximise your return on investment.

To learn how EDG can help you sell smarter on the road, please get in touch.