A surprising number of wholesalers and delivery fleets still utilise paper delivery solutions. Drivers have to incorporate the extra time and associated risks into their daily routine – spending the day recording signed deliveries, checking tickets, keying in information at a later date and the subsequent human error. All of which can damage profitability.

Perhaps many organisations are not prepared to invest and upgrade for the simple process of recording a signature. However, as many fleet managers and wholesalers have discovered, the benefits of a digital signature do not stop there.

What Are the Key Benefits of an ePOD System?

A digital delivery solution does not merely record your POD. An efficient ePOD system unlocks a whole host of benefits from improving business efficiencies to enhancing the customer experience. If your organisation still relies on paper PODs, what benefits can you expect from the digital upgrade?

• The first and obvious benefit is an electronic POD, resulting in fewer queries to your invoicing team. Enjoy accurate, traceable verification of a successful delivery – including photographic evidence which is routinely in demand
• Scan onto the van – take out the correct stock and quantities with zero reliance on paper invoices and delivery notes while you load
• Work schedules and even the optimal route is accessible and in your drivers’ hand, reducing errors and your carbon footprint
• Special collection or delivery instructions, book-in deliveries or accessibility information can delay a delivery, wasting time and money: with ePOD, all information is ready ahead of time
• Customer-specific pricing and data is always to hand, allowing for a truly personal customer experience
• Easy integration with back-office systems for accurate and strategic decision-making, stock control and management
• Drives compliance

Less paper, less waste, fewer queries, more profits. The benefits start to back up. A new driver can be all that it takes to unsettle a longstanding customer. Relationships are formed locally that customers come to rely upon. Drivers take holidays, move on or retire which can wreak havoc. The ‘usual’ driver knows which bay to park in, which manager to call on arrival and not to come before 17:10. All of this unique and small but pertinent information can be readily available for a new or replacement driver/rep, giving your valued customers a consistent and measured service at all times. This personalised service is the extra value that your customers expect in such a competitive environment. It also builds loyalty and makes it much harder to leave your care.

The EDG ePOD solution offers all of these benefits (and more) and is currently utilised in millions of deliveries across the UK each year. When managing your operation, finding effective and achievable ways to increase productivity, reduce waste and protect profits is vital. Why not join the hundreds of wholesalers and fleet managers who have upgraded to a digital solution and protected their profits in the process?

To discuss an ePOD solution for your business, please get in touch with one of the EDG team.