No matter on the type or size of a business, customer service is always a crucial consideration. It can mean the difference between good or bad customer retention, increased or decreased customer acquisition, low or high customer service costs, and more or less revenue potential.

Companies that make do providing a bad level of customer service are far more likely to experience a negative impact on their bottom line. According to 2017’s Ombudsman Services report, it was estimated that poor customer service costs UK businesses up to a staggering £37 billion a year.

In many cases, businesses are often so focused on enticing new customers that they disregard the value of their existing ones, causing customers to leave. But what’s important to remember is that developing loyal customers is the most important thing you can do for your business.

Key Performance Indicators that Require Attention

When evaluating the overall quality of your customer service, there are specific key performance indicators (KPIs) that we recommend you pay close attention to, these include:


With loyal customers playing such a crucial part in the success of your business, it’s only right that you keep a beady eye on your customer retention figures. Try to discover how many of your customers return for services/products. Then compare this number to the number of customers you have lost. This will help you to determine how to keep your current customers.


The only real way of knowing if your customers are satisfied, and why, is by asking them. Consider sending regular feedback requests, such as customer satisfaction surveys to see how your customers rate your service.


If you are experiencing a high volume of complaints, try to identify the source to find out what isn’t working well. It could be that they are all related to similar issues, and easy to resolve.


If your prospects are going to a competitor, find out why. Is it due to price point or perhaps poor customer service? Track the frequency with which you’ve been converting prospects into paying customers to gain more insight.


Gage your customer service against your key competitors by investigating how they are attracting and retaining their customers.

Better Tracking Means Happier Customers

When managing a fleet of vehicles and mobile workforce, delivering quality service on-time can be tricky. Therefore, businesses with service vehicles are more commonly turning to telematics or fleet management solutions to help them take full advantage of their customer service.

So how can a fleet management solution lead to enhanced customer satisfaction? Find out below;

Improves Communication

With the use of fleet tracking tools, fleet managers can accurately track their vehicles’ locations from each customer site. This means customers can benefit from accurate estimated times of arrival (ETAs), and with better dispatch and delivery insight, the level of frustrated or angry customers is bound to be reduced.

Improved Productivity

Always knowing where your drivers are, which route they’re taking to their destination and how many deliveries they have made will lead to improved productivity across the board. With such insight, you’ll be able to set precise time estimates for jobs and measure each of your mobile workers performance levels.

Proactive Maintenance

By using a fleet management system to monitor your maintenance schedules you’ll be able to stop engine issues before they turn into costly repairs or vehicle down time. A mobile system such as this will also ensure you receive alerts when regular maintenance is due.

Competitive Advantage

Your customers will be more inclined to refer your business to their friends and family if you’re using the likes of fleet management software. Such a tool can help you to certify the reputation of your business for being responsive, consistent and punctual, giving you that all-important competitive advantage.

Exceptional Insight Is Nothing without Action

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