Automation is a technical process performed with minimal human assistance. From a business perspective, it boots efficiency and yields a complete solution that drives revenue and information. From a customer perspective, it affords a personalised solution that saves time and money.

The logistics industry has regularly suffered over the years thanks to paper pushing. Handwritten waybills, duplicate customs documentation, paper processes and spreadsheets all add to the (already significant) challenges of warehousing and distribution.

The benefits of an automated transport management solution far outweigh the cost. Here is why:


Stop Drowning in Paper

The UK relies heavily on the transport industry for food, machinery, vehicles and pharmaceuticals to name just a few. Transport networks are increasingly complex and the necessity for connectivity and customer information leaves many companies under pressure. If a delivery is not completed on time and on budget, profit margins are consumed, or worse – companies succumb to a loss. Managing drivers, fleet vehicles, warehousing processes and third-party suppliers only adds to the potential complications. Whilst not solely responsible for this outcome, laborious paper processes are hindering your business and losing you money.

  1. New Technologies

Complex networks and geographies are a continual hurdle. Shipments regularly cross borders and move between parties. To stay competitive and keep on top of your stock, you need to stay abreast of the latest industry-changing tech. Automation often negates the many repetitive issues associated with logistics.

  1. End-to-End Visibility

Paper reports and spreadsheets are time-consuming to produce and an out-of-date approach. Automated data is available, accurate, up-to-date and will drive strategic decision making. A transport management solution (TMS) provides a live view of all of your stock and consignments and a complete audit trail. It will reduce waste, avoid errors, provide instant PODs and reduce invoicing queries. Customers can track their goods too, resulting in less inbound calls.

  1. A Competitive Edge

Happy customers are repeat customers. Automation allows your business to get ahead by providing a personalised customer experience that is simply enjoyable and easy to use. Data allows you to create tailored delivery plans for clients, store their important information and encourage further sales as you are constantly informed of their behaviours and needs.

  1. Save Money and Time

A fast-paced environment, seasonal peaks and troughs, stock control and fleet management can all easily negatively impact profits. A TMS affords better financial management of your business and an aerial 360° view of your operation. Customer-specific pricing, credit notes, invoicing, discount management and stock control and will reduce overheads and errors when automated.

  1. Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

In 2019, consumers and businesses alike are demanding change. They wish to do business with companies who can demonstrate their responsibility and promise to reduce their carbon footprint. A TMS sends all of your drivers on the optimal route, reducing your carbon footprint, saving time and money. Reducing your reliance on paper by emailing customer dockets and managing your business digitally has a positive impact on the environment – something I am sure your customers will be pleased to hear about.


Less Than You Think

EDG provides a wide range of services to support and improve your warehousing and distribution, currently enabling 125 million deliveries each year. When managing your operation, finding effective and achievable ways to increase productivity is vital. Through EDG’s transport management solutions you can increase visibility, reduce overheads and improve your customer’s experience.

To discuss the right transport management solution for your business, please get in touch with one of the EDG team.