Logistics remains a vital part of every business and every economy. A retailer or eCommerce company’s success can largely depend on the correct logistics support in producing an omnichannel experience.

The rising costs, know-how and demanding infrastructure of a logistics operation has led to many companies outsourcing to a 3rd party logistics (3PL) provider. Their expertise and coverage can immediately transform distribution, however, this comes at a cost.


The Challenges

The world is never static and supply chain requirements constantly change. A 3rd party logistics provider will constantly need to review:

  • Customer locations and demand by products
  • Potential warehouse locations, sizes and costs
  • Available transportation links and costs
  • Plant locations and capacity
  • Service-level requirements

Continued downward pricing pressure has become the most pressing problem facing 3PL providers. As well as economic pressures; customers, suppliers, partners – all continue to resist any increase in costs. Price hikes can be a matter of survival, with profitability under constant threat.

It is vital for long-term sustainability that 3PLs extract all revenues and streamline their processes across the board.

There are many ways that 3PLs can reduce the burden of pricing pressures, with the most prolific being:

  • Electronic POD

The electronic POD system is designed to help logistics companies to manage their on-the-road delivery operations with ease. Money can be saved thanks to fewer errors, route optimisation, accurate invoicing and vehicle hygiene checks.

  • Van Sales and Distribution

A mobilised van sales and distribution solution provides an end-to-end platform for total management of your customer relationships, stock control and product sales. Integrated systems create oppportunity for upselling and induce less error – thus reducing waste.

  • Sales Order Capture

Sales order processing is a critical element of short and long-term business success. A slow supply chain disrupts service and results in unhappy customers. Capturing data, whether by email, web-order or mobile plugs your business into a wider audience and streamlines order processing.

  • Vehicle Inspection

A mobile vehicle inspection system provides essential insight into driver activities, locations, breaks, shifts, overtime and safety – allowing for better management of your fleet. Economic drivers save between 10% and 33% on weekly fuel spend.

  • Asset Tracking

Asset tracking is more than logging equipment. Shrewd businesses understand the value of an asset over its lifecycle. Managing and locating assets appropriately reduces costly delays, missed deadlines and wasted labour.

  • Mobile Workforce Management

Connecting your mobile and field-based teams can help to manage and monitor employees as well as provide direction, boost productivity and drive compliance. Barcode scanning, image capture and state-of-the-art tech enhance performance on the road, driving down costs and reducing waste.

  • Hardware Management

Device triage, fault resolution and data recovery across all of your devices provide constant peace of mind and allow you to get on with your day-to-day responsibilities without the hassle of faulty equipment, maintenance and repair.


EDG has been delivering mobile workforce solutions for over 40 years. We understand the industry challenges and provide tailored solutions that drive efficiency and productivity, and (importantly) save you money.

We work with many established companies, currently enabling over 125 million deliveries annually within the UK and Ireland.

Our handheld computing and mobile workforce solutions are designed to support logistics operations and streamline your processes. We offer data integration and portable software for unparalleled efficiency meaning less loss, less waste.

To discuss how we can help to streamline your operation, please get in touch with one of the EDG team.