How efficient is your fleet? If the answer is anything other than ‘very’ then it is likely that you are wasting money. Quite often the answer is ambiguous, as it is challenging to effectually track, monitor and streamline fleet performance.

The rising cost of fuel is a significant overhead for most businesses. Operating a fleet makes it a substantial cost. From reduced overheads to improved safety levels and sustainability, efficient fuel fleet management is a must.

Improve your Fleet Management

When managing your company’s fleet, there are several costs to consider. From direct costs like fuel and insurance to indirect costs caused by factors such as employee output.

Having a fleet is (often) a necessity, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune on it. Here are 4 ways to streamline your fuel fleet management:

  1. Improve fuel efficiency

This one tops the list for obvious reasons. All fleet managers would love to reduce their spend on fuel. It’s never been easy to monitor your fuel stocks and see exactly where money can be saved. Whilst you cannot control fuel costs, you can streamline your fuel spend. The right software can invigorate your mobile teams and provide a wealth of information on which to act. For example, a fleet management solution provides a real-time view of your fleet, enabling you to monitor overall performance. You can zoom in on a particular indicator for your fleet or individual drivers wherever inefficiencies occur. Accurate data and monitoring allow you to easily negate common fleet waste and streamline fuel consumption. An excess of weight on a vehicle can increase fuel consumption, but without that knowledge, you are in the dark and wasting fuel. If that, or a similar issue, reoccurs throughout your fleet, the waste soon piles up. A fleet management system also keeps track of every litre of fuel pumped, delivered and consumed, limiting your exposure to fuel fraud.

  1. Automate

There are many business advantages attributed to automation:

  • Cost containment and reduction
  • Reduced warehouse lead times
  • Higher production rates and increased productivity
  • Improved safety and compliance
  • Comprehensive data and analysis
  • Enhanced fleet management

Mobile IT solutions seamlessly manage workflow, meaning less time is spent on administrative tasks and more time is spent on the things that matter.

  1. Driver training

Proficient drivers can save your business a surprising amount of money. Improving driver habits allows you to manage your fleet economically and sustainably, improve safety and may reduce the risk of accidents. The AA conducted research following their best practice advice and drivers saw an average saving of 10% on fuel bills weekly. Not to be sniffed at. More impressive still, some drivers saw savings of up to 33% on weekly fuel spend. Advice includes: sticking to the speed limit, save weight, drive smoothly and journey planning.

  1. Greater control

Running a fleet is a hectic, pressured business. You will see immediate improvement by implementing processes that are driven and governed by the right technology. Effective fleet management software eradicates the following common issues:

  • Inadequate oversight and control of fleet efficiency
  • The absence of key data to drive strategic decision making
  • Stakeholders not possessing relevant information
  • Uncertainty scaling the business to its commercial needs
  • Non-compliance with regulatory safety
  • Lack of environmental and CSR credentials

Advanced Software

EDG has been delivering mobile workforce solutions for over 40 years. We understand the industry challenges and provide tailored solutions that drive efficiency and productivity, and (importantly) save money.

We work with many established companies, currently enabling over 125 million deliveries annually within the UK and Ireland.

Our Mobile Workforce Management software is designed to support the fleet manager and improve your fuel fleet management. It is simple and easy to use for businesses of all sizes and industries. The intuitive software provides a complete solution for your business, allowing you to monitor, track and manage your fleet.

To discuss how we can help you improve the efficiency of your fleet, please get in touch.