The Challenges of Overseeing Multiple Vehicle Inspections

Vehicle checks are a fundamental process for fleet managers and their drivers, and yet managing the day-to-day checks of your vehicle fleet is easier said than done. It’s not the performing of the checks that’s tricky (these are in fact relatively straightforward once you know how), it’s the challenges that come with overseeing multiple vehicle inspections, particularly when using a paper-based system.

Such paper-based processes for a fleet of vehicles can prove to be a real headache, and worst still… this somewhat old-hat and tiresome approach can often lead to concerns as to whether the checks have been carried out satisfactorily, due to the sheer lack of safeguards involved. In addition to this, fleet managers must wait until the form has been handed in to see the results for themselves.

Fleet Vehicle Checks – Why Are they So Important?

Ensuring vehicles are well maintained couldn’t be more important for fleets that are in continuous operation. From performance checks to exception reporting, drivers are expected to check everything, and report back their findings. And as stated above, traditional methods for doing this would be to fill out a paper form to confirm the driver has carried out the checks.

Such daily vehicle checks are a standard requirement, with many fleet managers declining to allocate drivers their first job of the day until their vehicle check has been performed and finalised. The checks ought to be carried out by the driver before use of the vehicle, as a safety precaution, making the daily morning check a crucial part of a driver’s day-to-day routine.

Consistent pre-use defect checks are a vital element of the Freight Transport Association (FTA) Van Excellence Code accreditation scheme, which many fleets aspire to follow in order to operate at the highest standards. So, for those of you looking to persuade your MD you need a better system for managing vehicle checks, let the benefits of a digital, mobile solution be known.

How the Digital Age Has Helped Make Daily Vehicle Checks Easier

Vehicle checks should be simple and quick to carry out and in-built into a driver’s day-to-day routine, so they become as ‘normal’ as filling a van with fuel. The best way to achieve this is to move paper checks to electronic devices. By doing so, you can benefit from;

  • Better levels of safety due through reduced levels of accidents and breakdowns of liveried vehicles
  • Meeting regulatory compliance by removing non or partial compliance by drivers via a well-structured digital vehicle inspection process
  • Increasing productivity by saving on time lost because of defective vehicles failing or being impounded whilst on the road
  • Save money by removing the uncertainty regarding existing compliance processes and risks of fines for non-compliance
  • Simplify and speed up your daily checks by eliminating unnecessarily complicated manual vehicle check processes
  • Gain better overall visibility by reducing your lack of identification upon vehicle users
  • Enhance your admin by saying goodbye to illegible, missing or poor-quality paper reports

Need a Better System for Managing your Fleet Compliance?

At EDG, we provide a mobile Vehicle Inspection system – the ideal replacement for your manual vehicle inspection sheet. This solution helps to bridge the gap between management, the driver and the vehicle maintenance provider while ensuring your vehicles comply with vehicle inspection legislation on the move. To find out more, why not get in touch?