If you’re the operator of a large fleet of cars, vans or even trucks, at the forefront of any operation is cost and efficiency. A large part of your planning should be ensuring that your drivers are operating and delivering at a cost that is as low as possible, ensuring that invoices can be electronically dispatched, whilst allowing clients to pay their invoices as prompt and quickly as possible.

Every employer ultimately wants to ensure that their workforce can deliver the ultimate service without knowingly making errors. Mistakes can become common when drivers become stressed, and inevitably this causes problems for not only your clients, but the drivers themselves.

Mental Health issues in the workplace have a massive impact on individuals filtering through to whole teams, so all organisations have a duty to help our colleagues to reduce stress, whilst making the environment more enjoyable overall.

What can EDG do?

One way to help would be to introduce an ePOD (Electronic Point of Delivery) solution such as EDG Mobilise. This solution allows electronic traceability which ultimately can prove delivery took place.

It’s almost certainly happened before… A client contacts you to say “I didn’t receive the goods” or they make a complaint and refuse to pay. The answer is an immediate solution. No more lost paperwork, no long searches through filing cabinets, simply look it up on your system to find out what has happened with the order in question. Implementing an Electronic Proof of Delivery system results in a massive reduction in stress for your driver knowing that a disciplinary can be averted. At your fingertips you have the delivery and what it was invoiced for.

EDG Mobilise can help your drivers by not only seeing their stress levels being reduced, it also alleviates the need to have endless amounts of physical paperwork. Less paperwork means happier drivers, happier drivers means less mistakes, and less mistakes results in a smoother overall operation for your organisation. If a paper copy is required, then EDG can also supply a belt printer.

Our solution also plays a massive part in increasing customer satisfaction. This allows your drivers to have a better one-to-one experience with your clients again reducing stress levels.

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