Your responsibilities as a fleet or transport manager are broad and varied. You control schedules and routes, vehicle safety, compliance, driver training and manage budgets – to name a few. The role is pressured, constant and draws high expectations. 

Tracking the right KPI’s will not only assist your operation – it will provide valuable insight into fleet performance and drive strategic decision-making.

Discover the top KPI’s you should track to ensure your fleet is DVSA compliant, efficient and productive.


Monitor Performance – Improve Performance

Intelligent decisions, real-time data, a more successful operation…which fleet KPI’s should you be tracking and why?

  1. Productivity

Fleet and transport managers must know how productive their fleet is. A productive fleet requires keeping vehicles, drivers and assets working to their fullest potential, which in turn, reduces costs, improves performance and drives efficiency.

  1. Asset Tracking

Asset tracking allows you to track, trace and audit the distribution of your high-value assets efficiently, accurately and securely. Asset tracking will help your business know the value of an asset over its life-cycle, save money per asset and gain the most value from each asset. Asset tracking allows you to utilise assets in the most cost-effective manner (including all costs, risks and performance attributes).

  1. Vehicle Safety and Inspection

Tracking vehicle safety and inspection not only helps you to remain compliant, but it can also reduce downtime and waste. Driver locations, vehicle checks, DVSA legislation and shift patterns must all be monitored for a continually high-performing, safe and compliant fleet.

  1. Proof-of-Delivery

Essential to every fleet – an effective ePOD system. Timely and accurate deliveries are crucial when it comes to achieving 100% customer satisfaction. This lightweight and portable device affords quick access to work schedules, bespoke customer information, integration with office systems, evidence of delivery success and delivery and collection instructions, as well as a whole host of other vital information. Tracking your ePOD information helps you to analyse and improve performance and reduce invoicing queries.

  1. Sales Order Capture

Tracking sales order capture will yield valuable information, such as sales trends, accurate data entry, individual customer information, customer-specific pricing and visibility of stock levels. Monitoring sales order information guarantees that your mobile teams can upsell on the road and provide a tailored customer experience – all whilst monitoring stock levels. There is also a mine of information and data that will provide insight into your customer trends, ensuring you never miss an opportunity.


Software and Solutions – Specifically for Fleet Management

EDG provides a wide range of services to support and improve fleet management, currently enabling 125 million deliveries each year. When managing your company’s fleet, finding fair and achievable ways to increase productivity is crucial. Through EDG’s effective fleet management solutions you can help your team achieve the most from each journey they make.

Working with you, we ensure your fleet benefits from reduced overheads, heightened safety levels and enhanced overall performance of both your fleet and workforce. Our mobile IT solutions also conveniently and regularly reduce delivery disputes and improve documentation accuracy.

To discuss the right fleet management solution for your business, please get in touch with one of the EDG team.